Samsung Kies 3 Torrent

Samsung Kies 3

Samsung Kies Samsung’s official tool for Android-based devices that allows you to manage your music and video. If you have both PC and mobile devices Samsung, this is an important application.

What is doesSamsung Select also allows you to receive and install the firmware update for your Samsung mobile phone and is regularly updated to be compatible with Samsung’s latest mobile release. In addition, Samsung Kies also working to transfer and manage contacts and calendars between your mobile device and Mac.If Microsoft Office users, the Samsung Kies also allows you to synchronize the contents of Microsoft Outlook on a PC with Samsung mobile devices. It is also very useful as a support solution for local backup data can be data on mobile devices, including bookmarks, settings (such as general settings, the list of Wi-Fi) alarm, contacts, music, videos or photos. Note that the backup is not DRM-protected multimedia.

BuggiVhile was a lot of features, Samsung Kies reliable. Sometimes it does not detect a connected Samsung devices, it can be difficult to synchronize and can be very slov.Samsung Choose feels like a work in progress. It did not manage mobile content as easy as Apple did with iTunes.

ConclusionSamsung Select is an essential tool for each user PC with LG Android devices, but a lot of mana.

Keis Beavare that Samsung does not support the version of the Android OS pre

Samsung Kies 3

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