Easter 2023

18 February 2020

Stay 4 days / 3 nights

Stay 5 days / 4 nights

Day 1 – Friday

We are waiting for you in the afternoon at Mahmudia for the transfer with your own boats to the pension. The transfer takes about 10 minutes and the arrival time is not required. Please let us know the approximate time of arrival in advance, but we are convinced that a reasonable time is also advantageous for you.

Cars can be parked safely in their own parking lot

After a long trip by car to the Danube Delta, we are waiting for you with a rich dinner with appetizer, two dishes and dessert.

We also prepare fasting menus, vegetarian or more special if you announce in advance.

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are included throughout the stay – without restriction.

Day 2 – Saturday

Breakfast – is served in Swedish buffet

After breakfast, around 10.30-11.00 we go on a boat trip on canals, lakes and japs. The walk will take about 3 hours, return for lunch.

At lunch we prepare a fish menu, with traditional products, but also other dishes for those who do not like fish.

After lunch you can take a short walk through the village or a short trip around the surroundings.

After dinner you (can) go to the RESURRECTION service. We will go together and take the light to the village church.

Day 3 – Sunday

After the Resurrection, red eggs and specific solid and liquid snacks are waiting for you according to your preferences

Another boat trip, in other areas of the delta, on another route, will delight your eyes and fill your souls with nature.

We return to the FESTIVAL EASTER MEAL where we will serve a specific EASTER menu – Traditional holiday dishes.

Siesta on the pontoon of the pension with a glass or a stick in the pond.

In the evening, after a hearty lunch, we return to the specifics of the area and prepare a light dinner, based on fish. He will swim in a pool of white or red wine.

Day 4 – Monday

First breakfast, we relax for 2-3 hours and after lunch we prepare for the transfer to Mahmudia.

For a stay of 4 nights – it remains until Tuesday afternoon, with full board


Coffee, tea, mineral water, juices, brandy, wine and beer are included at your discretion throughout your stay.

Rooms have wifi, minibar, TV, air conditioning, bathrobes (if applicable)

3nights / 2 adults (all inclusive – room, food, parking)
Room = 2844 lei
Apartment = 3204

4 nights / 2 adults all inclusive
Room= 3792 lei
Apartment = 4272 lei

For extra people staying in the apartment / room you pay:

  • Adult: 200 lei / day meal services and 150 lei / 1 boat ride
  • Children aged between 0 and 12 years: 130 lei / day meal services
  • Children over 12 years: same as adults
  • Extra bed – 50 lei / night
  • Boat trip on the lake/canals, 11 people = 1,650 lei / trip
  • Sf Gheorghe boat trip, 11 people = 1,980 lei / trip
  • Sulina boat trip, 11 people = 2,475 lei / trip