Facilities offered by Carasuhat Guesthouse, your favourite place for accommodation in the Danube Delta

31 May 2016


Restaurant in Delta Dunarii la Pensiunea CarasuhatThe Carasuhat Guesthouse has a restaurant with bar and terrace, where you can indulge in dishes from the area, fish specialties and many other traditional food. This Dobrogea specific cuisine offers a varied menu to its customers.

Recreation room

If you are experts in backgammon or if you want to improve your skills in a game of cards? Or maybe you want to read a book in the living room. The recreation room belongs to you for the entire duration of your stay!
We offer playing cards, backgammon, rummy, everything for your fun and good condition.


We all know that life without sport should not exist! Movement in our life offers multiple benefits for body and mind, as the proverb says “Mens sana in corpore sano”! Whatever its nature is, sport is important!
Carasuhat Guesthouse, takes it into account and invites you to go in the gym room, specially designed with different fitness machines and tennis table. It is modern, bright and spacious.

Saltwater pool

The Carasuhat Guesthouse offers the possibility to transform your stay here into a great opportunity to relax. The saltwater pool is the ideal area where you can spend your time in a pleasant and healthy manner.

Besides that you will relax and take exercise, saltwater has many therapeutic effects and is recommended for treating various diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

The pool water does not contain chlorine or other chemicals, it is recirculated and filtered.
The guesthouse provides towels and bath gowns for your stay at the pool.